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Kids Zone

Meet Our Little Friends


Matilda loves books! It doesn’t matter if they’re about mushy love stories, inter-galactic battles, history or even science. If it’s got pages, Matilda will be lost in it. Sometimes, she gets so absorbed in a book, she forgets what’s real and what is fiction! Luckily she has some great friends that keep her happy and grounded.


Literally, a one-eyed sports fanatic, Martina knows what she likes and there’s no swaying her. Some say she’s stubborn, but her friends say she’s just determined! So, when something needs to be done, Martina’s your Munster! She’s also really competitive, because she is not only super sporty, but has her eye fixed on solely winning.


Always up for an epic adventure, Marlo finds it really hard to stay in one spot, which often makes his friends quite exhausted. But they don’t mind. Marlo’s parents come from a faraway land, and he always has amazing stories to tell of jungles and mysterious creatures. He’s the natural leader of the group, with great energy and enthusiasm.

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